American Entropy:

The cowardly, weak display in our Covid vaccine roll-out

The absence of discipline, sacrifice, shared obligation, determination, compromise, courage, ingenuity to roll out the vaccine to me speaks volumes about American entropy. We do not need RNs, the fire department or special facilities. It is an ordinary flu shot. The storage is portable. CVS and Walgreens, church and school gymnasiums are perfectly capable of hosting injections performed by minimally skilled personnel. At 4,000 deaths a day that is wartime footing and war is a 24x7 calculated risk effort. We are showing great lack of fortitude, sacrifice and courage. If you ask me would I work a 24 hour shift at the junior high gym to administer shots you damn right I would and not flinch about telling people “move along”, serious side effects go to hospital.

For those resistant to taking the vaccine and ending 4,000 deaths a day I say your risk assessment relative to public obligation is skewed toward unenlightened self interest over the risk of contributing to the well being of the society around you. Healthy societies take risks, it’s one of the costs of freedom and independence.

American’s talk about “The Constitution”. Underneath that is our individual constitution. Time to show some of it.



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