Amen. I live in a 90% Trump county in rural Texas. Of course every office in county is Republican, climbing over themselves to claim tax cuts, no abortion, Latinos (elsewhere, all our Mexicans are “good” Mexicans) are a national emergency, more police needed — and so forth.

Know what? Our local conservative 100% deep conservative county government has done some really good things. Balanced budget, low taxes, low government, low spend, efficiency, lots of private philanthropy for abused, homeless, children. At least local GOP has actionable plan.

Know what else? There is zero local voice for LOCAL environment, LOCAL living wage, honest LOCAL immigration policy, no strategic plan for LOCAL growth/objectives/needs, little LOCAL public engagement, zero aspirational at level that takes government at LOCAL level such as roads and schools. No discussion of LOCAL talent flight. No discussion of no women or minorities in LOCAL office.

AND, AND, AND know what the monthly local Democratic Party Meetings are about? Rehearsal of anger and grievances about macro issues straight out of a Russian divisive plan book.

Reckless seeker to look behind the illusion curtain of what gets called reality

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